Glenwood High School

School Transport

Information on school transport can be found here.

Bus Timetables can be found here.

New S1 pupils will also receive a separate myfife card on their first day of term from the school office. Entitlement to free transport has been removed from the myfife card from July 2012  but the myfife card will still be used for other services such as libraries and school meals.

You must ask the school office to apply for your bus pass. If you are entitled they will issue a temporary travel pass and will order your travel pass from Transportation.  Printed travel passes will be sent to the school for distribution in term time.

If a pupil loses their bus pass, it will cost £5 for a replacement.

If you are entitled to free school transport, you will receive your school travel pass at your home address towards the end of the summer holidays. If, for any reason, it has not arrived for your first day at school then bus drivers are told to carry you anyway on your designated bus. However, you must then go to the school office who will sort things out for you and may issue you with a temporary bus pass.

Don't assume everything will be the same as it is this term. Be aware of the following:

  • Your bus might have a different timetable or pick-up point than at present.
  • Your bus might be provided by a different bus company (some schools in Mid Fife will have journeys provided by Bay Travel, Festival Travel and Hamish Gordon as well as Stagecoach and Moffat & Williamson).
  • Your bus pass may be a different colour from this year's pass. This is to manage pupil numbers on the buses.
  • You can only travel on the bus which displays the same colour as your bus pass. e.g. if the bus shows 'Yellow Passes' then only those with yellow bus passes can board it.

Free travel passes will be sent out to entitled pupils at the start of August 2014.  We have added a new Quick Reference (QR) code to all the passes this year.  We’ve created FAQs to help answer queries about the QR codes.  To read them go to  See picture below showing a sample pass.  Please note there are many different devices and reading apps that pupils/parents can use to scan the QR codes.  It might not work the first time you try it due to app restrictions etc.  If you have any questions or issues around the use of the code please refer pupils to the FAQs have been added  to also to answer all other queries about school transport.

School Bus Capacity

School buses are organised on the basis of providing a seat for each entitled pupil i.e. those pupils who qualify for free transport and who live over 2 miles from their catchment area school.  Fife Council is not obliged to provide transport for any other pupils.  However, the Council does make an allowance for fare paying pupils at each school when tendering for school contracts.  Nevertheless, if a bus reaches full capacity as a result of an increase in the number of fare paying pupils then they cannot be guaranteed a seat and, indeed, they may have to stand where this is legally permitted.  In the event that the standees limit is reached the bus driver must refuse to allow any further pupils to travel.  Parents should bear this in mind when planning how their child gets to school.